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Phoebe's Gallery

"Beyond Landscape" 2020
Phoebe MarsdenTextile Designer





This summer I graduated from Glasgow School of Art with a degree in Textile Design. It has been a strange year for all of us and I found myself contemplating the direction that I wanted to go in. I was very pleased to be able to join Clipped In to exhibit my work in the ‘Beyond Landscape’ exhibition.

My recent work has been inspired by journeys made last year to Lisbon and the surrounding areas in Portugal and Northern Italy, Burano particularly. I have looked at the architectural features in these places including the variety of architectural styles, tiles, paving slabs and the colours of the painted houses.

I have also been considering my choice of materials. I want to promote the reuse, recycling and repurposing of materials and consider how as a society we can limit the amount of plastic waste we are producing. I have collected all the plastic waste from my grocery shopping and used items such as the netting around fruit and vegetables to weave with. The redundant climbing ropes have been particularly inspirational and I was pleased to have been donated these ropes by members of the Karabiner Mountaineering Club. I have woven with these ropes to give depth to my designs, relief, texture and layers in the patterns that lie above subtler background surfaces. The yarns used in these woven pieces are all surplus yarns from companies that weave fabric for high-end fashion design companies. 

I have produced most of the work displayed here as part of my degree collection during a final year that was interrupted by Covid-19 which gave a very different context to my work. Many of the fabrics are designed for use as room dividers to separate spaces for a variety of uses. But above all they should be colourful and playful.

I accept commissions and can be contacted on:

Instagram: @p.marsdentextiles


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