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A shared love of the outdoors and mountaineering unites a disparate group of artists working in a variety of media including   chalk & charcoal, textiles, photography, painting, ceramics, digital & mixed media.

Susan Marsden
Textile Artist

The compositions shown all explore landscape and seascapes through texture, surface, colour and mark-making in a variety of materials and techniques.

My work is an exploration of drawing using mixed media collage work, stitching, weaving, dying and colouring of surfaces, paint and recycling.

My inspiration is often the rural landscape in Cheshire and from hill walking expeditions and travelling, both in Britain and abroad.

I keep a visual diary at all times, recording places and experiences through drawing, collections of found objects and words.

I like to explore work both on a small intimate scale and I like the impact a larger scale can have on the environment.

I like to play with arrangements of pattern, colour, texture, line and shape. The work resulting from my experiments is often abstract in nature. I like to reflect the atmosphere and mood of a place, whether it is a huge open sky, the sea or a small detail in a garden flower border.

I accept commissions in both domestic situations and public buildings

Jim Symon
Ceramic & Mixed Media Artist

My artwork is a visual expression of my mountaineering experiences, sometimes literally and other times in a more abstract fashion.

My aim is to depict the climbing world from a very personal perspective and, hopefully, present the viewer with an insight into the wonders and dangers of the mountain environment.

The natural properties of clay allow me to recreate the textures of rock, while paint and print allow me to express the feeling of the environment, the elements and the atmosphere surrounding the mountaineer.


At present I am enjoying making art again having had to take eight years out to care for a family member and am looking forward to exploring my themes and experimenting with various media in the future.

Dave Dillon
Philippa Maye
Ceramic & Mixed Media Artist

I love the challenge of a new project; it takes me on a journey, the destination of which, at the outset, is unknown.I start with the idea and then navigate along a meandering path holding a dialogue between materials and concept along the way. This exciting and dynamic process often leads me into new, uncharted territories.Recording the process helps create the work itself as I observe, log and map data and then translate it into three - dimensional forms in ceramic and mixed media.

Andrew Croughton
Photographer & Mixed Media Artist

I have always enjoyed the outdoors and with this developed a love of wildlife and Landscape images

After taking Art at `A’ Level in school I entered the photographic industry as a photographic technician.

I spent 16 years within this industry where my photographic skill and knowledge thrived, allowing me to utilise my free time enjoying my mountaineering and photography.

My inspiration comes from my love of the outdoors and fascination with wildlife and travel.

I strive to make my images challenging and slightly different from the standard viewpoints.

My images are created with a combination of photography and traditional art skills.

By combining these techniques I hope to create  new and challenging images.

I enjoy the experiences of the Earth's landscapes, and have a desire to share those times of  landscapes viewed, through the medium of photography, I hope the images I produce pass on those experiences.

Using techniques such as mountaineering, walking, rock climbing and caving to get alternate views on the world helps to put our own lives into perspective, and in doing so I hope the images give a hint of what we all share on this planet from a rarely seen perspective.

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